Stolarz History

  The chronicles of the region known as Poland, though sometimes shrouded by the mists of time reveal the ancient origins of the Stolarz family name. Research shows the families early origin trace back to the forming of the tribal clan of families system, founded by the Goths in 150 A.D. In the struggles for control over its rich agricultural soil, the feudal clan system evolved as the best defense against hordes of invaders sweeping in from the east over the centuries. Amber, still mined today, was traded by the Germanic tribes, and the famous Arabian breed of horse, Trakenher, was created here. The surname Stolarz was found in this region, compromised of parts of Austria, Prussia, Lithuania, and Russia. They contributed greatly to the emerging medieval society. The first documented history of the Stolarz families in the region of West Prussia and Pomerelia, where the name emerged in medieval times as one of the notable families in the western region. This ancient family descended as a member of the powerful and royal Jastrzebiec Clan of families who held the lands and castle in Sadomier as early as 999. Their ancient lineage descends from prince Ziemovit who wrested from the vast but tottering Moravian empire province of Chrobacyja (extending from the Carpathians to the Bug). His great-great grandson Boleslaus 1st was a heroic champion of Christianity and of many legends was not only King, but leader of this great royal clan. From the 10th century onwards the surname was identified with great social and economic evolution which made this territory a landmark contributor to the development of the nation in the 11th century. Later, the 13th century King Jakob z Raciborwic held the lands in 1241. Others of the Polish Clans also held the territories in the region.

     Internal strife in the region by the Kings, politicians, and even faith, found many families branching to more peaceful parts of Europe, and the New World also beckoned with opportunity. The migrations started about 1650 and continues to this day. The majority of settlers landed in Michigan, settling in Detroit and moved on to Milwaukee, Cleveland, Buffalo, Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, and Toledo. Settlers of the Stolarz family included settlers who traveled to the New World and established themselves along the eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada in the 18th and 19th centuries.

     Modern notables bearing the name Stolarz included notable personalities whose social, cultural, and professional accomplishments were known on both sides of the Atlantic.